As trends change, online retail is a vast opportunity for furniture manufacturers to propel revenue growth and gain access to in-market customers that were previously unavailable to them.

Furniture Today’s market research department estimates that the [Home Furnishing] online channel picked up about a percentage point from 2013 to 2014, coming to 10% of sales. That doesn’t sound like a big gain, but if that rate of growth keeps up it would hit about 17% in 2020.

As this trend continues, we provide our partners direct access to growth all the while curating a professional and seamless relationship where we protect, and advocate for, their brand. Our commitment to our suppliers is to remain flexible and mold our methodology to fit their needs.

TruRooms Inc strives to create an exceptional customer experience from the time the order is placed to the final in-home delivery.

We understand that our customers are your customer’s, too. By training our sales staff on your brand, we look to have furniture expertise previously only held by prominent brick and mortar retailers, allowing us to sell your brand, your way.

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